May 23, 2013

Gone but not forgoten

So I know it's been forever and a day since I updated and I don't really have any followers but I wanted to just give an update and make some goals.

Since I last updated, I've actually moved three times, each time to a smaller location.  Currently I'm renting a small bed room in a three bedroom house and have the smallest room of the bunch. I share a small lounge with one of my roommates and have access to the kitchen and some small storage in the basement.  My last place I had a loft bed, which unfortunately broke, but I was able to salvage the under loft desk. I still need to put up a few more shelves so that I can put everything up I need/want in the room, but considering the room is 14 by 12 I'm pretty happy that I've got a functional space (a little dirty but functional).

The other be thing I've been working on is my finances.  I'm diligently budgeting using and have several savings goals that I'm actually putting money into. I'm actually setting and most months sticking to my budget on things from bills to food to health care to entertainment/socialization.  While I'm trying to cut back on the fast food, the fast pace of my life (and my poor health some days) fast food is necessary.

The last big thing I've done is adopt the horse I've been riding for the last two years in January.  He's now stabled 40 minutes in traffic from my new house instead of an hour and a half. Having him so close means I'm getting to see him more and getting much more exercise than before.

Speak of exercise I've actually lost 50 pounds since November.  Most of it's from a change in medications, though some of it is going back to protein smoothies at least once a day. The other big health issues (besides all the medication changes) are that I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I had to have my spinal cord simulator system completely replaced (all new hardware, three major incisions, a new and improved battery with a motion sensor).

My goals for the next six months are pretty straight forward:

  • Meet or be on target for my savings goals (an Emergency Fund, the Horse Fund, and an Upgrade Electronics Fund)
  • Go through remaining boxes in garage and either put up in room or store in basement
  • Cut fast food expenses to no more than $50 a month
  • Go back to all loose leaf tea for the Keurig at the house and at work instead of using K cups
  • See the horse three times a week, riding him at least twice a week