May 23, 2013

Gone but not forgoten

So I know it's been forever and a day since I updated and I don't really have any followers but I wanted to just give an update and make some goals.

Since I last updated, I've actually moved three times, each time to a smaller location.  Currently I'm renting a small bed room in a three bedroom house and have the smallest room of the bunch. I share a small lounge with one of my roommates and have access to the kitchen and some small storage in the basement.  My last place I had a loft bed, which unfortunately broke, but I was able to salvage the under loft desk. I still need to put up a few more shelves so that I can put everything up I need/want in the room, but considering the room is 14 by 12 I'm pretty happy that I've got a functional space (a little dirty but functional).

The other be thing I've been working on is my finances.  I'm diligently budgeting using and have several savings goals that I'm actually putting money into. I'm actually setting and most months sticking to my budget on things from bills to food to health care to entertainment/socialization.  While I'm trying to cut back on the fast food, the fast pace of my life (and my poor health some days) fast food is necessary.

The last big thing I've done is adopt the horse I've been riding for the last two years in January.  He's now stabled 40 minutes in traffic from my new house instead of an hour and a half. Having him so close means I'm getting to see him more and getting much more exercise than before.

Speak of exercise I've actually lost 50 pounds since November.  Most of it's from a change in medications, though some of it is going back to protein smoothies at least once a day. The other big health issues (besides all the medication changes) are that I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I had to have my spinal cord simulator system completely replaced (all new hardware, three major incisions, a new and improved battery with a motion sensor).

My goals for the next six months are pretty straight forward:

  • Meet or be on target for my savings goals (an Emergency Fund, the Horse Fund, and an Upgrade Electronics Fund)
  • Go through remaining boxes in garage and either put up in room or store in basement
  • Cut fast food expenses to no more than $50 a month
  • Go back to all loose leaf tea for the Keurig at the house and at work instead of using K cups
  • See the horse three times a week, riding him at least twice a week

Apr 26, 2012

Purging and Packing

When I moved into my current place two years ago I thought I did a pretty good job of purging before I packed. Well, I've found quiet a few boxes that never got unpack. So I've found new homes for those items and I can start working on everything else.

My idea is to divide and concur one small area at a time. Each area will be sorted into Keep It, Toss It, Donate It and Sale It. This way when moving day finally comes I'll have less to move and maybe a few bucks in my pocket to bribe movers with.

My goal for today was to pack up my desktop and computer desk. I managed to get it all in two boxes and have a nice little pile of things to list on Craig's List.

If I can keep it all up, I'll have my free day off (next Friday) to tackle my closet, which includes, clothes, magick, craft and storage. Thru OurLittleApartment I was introduced to Project 333, which I've already taken the first pass at my wardrobe and will be finalizing when I get to packing my closet.

Mar 6, 2012

Knitting Progress

My vacation is going well. I've only received one call from the office and managed not to look at my blackberry today. I've finished reading JA Konrath's Shot of Tequila and been knitting away on my latest attempt of an afghan.

Feb 21, 2012

New Knitting Project

I haven't knit anything in a while, so with my up coming vacation/time off from work I thought I'd try and entertain myself with a new knitting project.  Since I knit with 13 needles I went looking for a project that I could attempt.  I had picked up a shawl/afghan book when I was traveling for work last year but my project  turned out way too long and not wide enough, and I haven't felt like deconstructing it since it took five skeins to complete (so I just wrap it around me a couple of times).  But I think I found a project that I can manage not to make the same mistake on.  And so I shall be attempting the Purl bee's bulky baby blanket.

Jan 25, 2012


Wicca and the specifics of my spirituality are something that I don't often get a chance to talk about with though outside my Circle (aka Coven) and my very very very close friends.

Like many witches, my path has been very eclectic and until recently very informal in my "training".  In mid-2009 just as I was ending a serious relationship I found a wonderful local Circle that was beginning it's third year.  Over the first year and a half I would attend rituals and take classes as my schedule and budget allowed.  Then all of a sudden this past year my spiritual growth took off and in the span of one year I have completed the spiritual work of three years.

Let me take a step back.  The Circle holds regular rituals open to all members and has a five year Priestess training program for those who would like to pursue it.  Each year of the Priestess training program is considered a Degree.

Over the course of my first year and a half with the Circle I completed my First Degree.  Over this past year I have completed enough work to account for my Second, Third and Fourth Degrees which fully catches me up with the founding members of the Circle.  I was never really trying to catch up to everyone else, but as the events of the last year have unfolded my jet-propulsion thru my spiritual work has kept going.

An additional requirement for my final Degree is to study a healing modality.  My High Priestess teaches Reiki.  I had had some Reiki session and like it, but never had  any interest to actually learn it.  As I moved thru all the spiritual work I actual opened myself up to Reiki and have now completed my first two Reiki Degrees and am in the process of obtaining my Reiki Master/Teacher Degree.

If you told me a year ago that I would not only have completed 3 years worth of Priestess training but that I would actually be taking Reiki I would have told you that you were blowing smoke (apparently that was sage you were blowing at me).