Jan 25, 2012


Wicca and the specifics of my spirituality are something that I don't often get a chance to talk about with though outside my Circle (aka Coven) and my very very very close friends.

Like many witches, my path has been very eclectic and until recently very informal in my "training".  In mid-2009 just as I was ending a serious relationship I found a wonderful local Circle that was beginning it's third year.  Over the first year and a half I would attend rituals and take classes as my schedule and budget allowed.  Then all of a sudden this past year my spiritual growth took off and in the span of one year I have completed the spiritual work of three years.

Let me take a step back.  The Circle holds regular rituals open to all members and has a five year Priestess training program for those who would like to pursue it.  Each year of the Priestess training program is considered a Degree.

Over the course of my first year and a half with the Circle I completed my First Degree.  Over this past year I have completed enough work to account for my Second, Third and Fourth Degrees which fully catches me up with the founding members of the Circle.  I was never really trying to catch up to everyone else, but as the events of the last year have unfolded my jet-propulsion thru my spiritual work has kept going.

An additional requirement for my final Degree is to study a healing modality.  My High Priestess teaches Reiki.  I had had some Reiki session and like it, but never had  any interest to actually learn it.  As I moved thru all the spiritual work I actual opened myself up to Reiki and have now completed my first two Reiki Degrees and am in the process of obtaining my Reiki Master/Teacher Degree.

If you told me a year ago that I would not only have completed 3 years worth of Priestess training but that I would actually be taking Reiki I would have told you that you were blowing smoke (apparently that was sage you were blowing at me).

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