Oct 30, 2009

October's Wrapping Up While I've Been in Da Funk

I've been in a bit of funk thus the lack of posts.  But I'm down in the 'Noke for a few days with good friends to bring me back out of da funk that's taken over.  With da funk the challenges didn't go as well as I'd plan, but I still have quite a few to check off.  And what better time to go over all this than when I'm supposed to working on my Literature Review that's not going to write itself?  So here's a run down of the remaining challenges for October:
→Ban fast food
→Begin a daily meditation
→Declutter apartment room by room
→DivaCup Mastery
→Eliminate meat from my diet
→Introduce Green Smoothies into my diet
→Use up pre-packaged items in apartment

1) As hard as it was, I managed to ban fast food well anything with a drive thru. My only concessions where for some Five Guys and Baskin Robins.
2) I'm slowly learning to slow down.  I had a bit of trouble doing the meditation first things in the morning because it just made me want to crawl back into bed.  So now I do a meditation at night.
3) I'm happy to finally be checking this one off.  I feel comfortable saying that my apartment is decluttered.  Clean is another story, but decluttered yes.
4) Me and the DivaCup just weren't meant to be a happy couple.  If in a pinch I could deal, but I'm much happier with my lovely LunaPads.
5) Surprisingly I've done very well at eliminating meat from my diet (mostly because I don't cook meat any more).  I only caved twice since I left work.  OK so that's twice in three weeks, but I was in need of quick protein when I caved.
6) I think I'm going to hold this one over.  I can managed to drink the green smoothie, but it's not really a regular part of my diet.  So I'm gonna work on that.  I'm still working out the best recipe but the only one I couldn't drink was one with eight spinach leaves; I'll just be sticking to four for now.  A little progress is better than no progress, right?
7) Using up those pre-packed items is a slow a tedious process.  Now major break through this month.  I'll keep on keeping at it.

Thanks to da funk I haven't even thought of Challenges for November.  It might be a few days into November before I get them up.  As soon as I  get them up I'll post.

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