Nov 18, 2009

Middle of the Night Hair Adventures

Well, I'm constantly doing something to my hair.  Be it adventures with hair henna or grocery store aisle hair dye I'm not afraid to try it (and make a royal mess in the process).  So the rebel in me decided to try and dye a few purple streaks in the week leading up to Halloween as I was also "too conservative" to give wild colors a try in college.

After trying some purple gel I determined I'd need to add some blonde highlights for the purple to show up.  Off to Target I went in search of some blonde hair dye and what did I find?  Clairol Frost and Tip!  I thought, Sweet! This will be easy.  Not!  The first attempts to get the hook to pull at a few strands of hair either resulted in knots of huge chunks of hair escaping from the cap.  Off came the cap and I have my hair a good coming through with the smallest toothed comb I had in the apartment (actually I had to go out to the car to fetch it).  Back on went the cap and the tie broke.  Finally I somehow managed to get my hair to start cooperating and then another huge chunk (or two) decided to escape.  At this point I went whatever since the chunks thankfully weren't in my bangs and on went the frosting solution.  My roots looked nice and frosted, but the longer/chunker section went from blonde to green! o.0  On went the purple hair dye.  After the maximum time I prayed the highlights would turn out purple.  No such luck; they were blue/green.

So now that I've had blue/green hair for a few weeks I decided (in my all infinite wisdom while procrastinating) earlier this week to throw on another coat of purple to see what would happen.  Well, my bangs were purple for a day or two and the rest were more blue.  Now, after another wash, I'm just blue all over.

Since I've given away my blow dryer, curlers, curling irons and flat iron I've been experimenting with rag curls.  After making a batch of rags that were too short, I produced a batch that were a little too long (but better that than the previous).  Sunday night, after my shower I decided to do my hair up in rag curls while watching a movie before heading to bed.  Extra time is required both for putting in and taking out rag curls.  But the end result is crazy fun curls with no need for product.  My curls where still intake after two days thanks to sleeping with a messy bun which preserved the curls for yesterday.  Sadly the curls washed away in the shower.

Last night I tried to give my hair a trim, but it just wouldn't even up.  After cutting a large inverted v in one side of my hair I gave up and tried to go to bed.  But as insomnia would have it, sleep was not in my future.  Now while I don't advocate cutting your own hair if you're an insomniac, it seemed like a perfectly good idea for me.  Amazingly I managed to cut the bottom half of my hair (as in the hair left down after pulling my hair half up) perfectly straight at the exact length I was going for.  I attempted to go for the gold a second time only to be foiled, but luckily it doesn't look too terrible and there are no inverted v's missing from what I could tell.

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