Nov 25, 2009

No, My Paper Hasn't Killed Me Yet...

but there were definitely a few days/weeks that I felt like the pressure was going to.  I've finally gotten my spirits up, have some motivations, and have a plan.  So after my one day pass not to work on my paper turned into a four day pass I've got to crank out two chapter this weekend and then I won't be technically behind.

Other than that I've had to take a hard look at my finances and see where I can make cuts, so I will be trading in my car before the month is out to get my car payment down. I've already cut out Netflix and reduce my cell phone bill by $40. I'm trying to sell one of my time shares, and will be talking with the time share company for my other about selling it back.

But in other more exciting new I've made a big decision: I will be moving out of Virginia when my lease is up (May 25). I have decided to really overhaul my life which has started with getting me eating three times a day (like I should be) and getting me active again.

After New Years I will be looking for the first retail job that I can find that will hire me (I no retail experience). My current dream job is to work in the Apple Store (and eventual get enough training to become a Genius Bar Genius, but I'm willing to working my way up through the retail bitch food chain and put in some long hard hours) and to bartend at night to make up the difference in pay/for extra cash on hand.

So where will I be moving? New Orleans. Which means while I'm there for New Years I will be making my housing arrangements, a studio apartment. Why New Orleans (besides the obvious, they have a Apple Store)? Because it's about three hours from my grandparents and aunt: close enough I can go visit but far enough to deter them from constantly being in my business.

I'm also very excited to being having a Florida Christmas this year. I used some of my school money for plan tickets to Pensacola for Christmas and then I'll get dropped off in New Orleans for New Years and fly back from there.

Well, I've got two of the nephews here so I'm gonna run.

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