Sep 9, 2011

Corset Ramblings

While recoeving from surgery I've been enjoying reading Corset Magic which happily arrived the day before surgery. My favorite part of the entire book is when proper corset wearing is describe as being like getting a hug from an old friend. 

This is the corset I currently have, and have had for a while.  It's from Empire Intimates, We have a love hate relationship.  
The good:  it's reversible to all black, the hip flutes.  
The bad:  it's overbust and my cups overflow (for lack of better word), the boning is not top quality.

I am eagerly awaiting my first custom corset from Romantays,  This corset is going to be a Victorian underbust.  My plan is for my new corset to be foundation wear, assist with my back pain and posture, and perhaps even assist in my healthy weight loss goals.

Now I know corsets have gotten a bad rep in some feminist circles, but I feel that corsets can be used to enhance femininity without restricting me to someone else's ideals.  It's like how feminist are taking back "bitch" and "cunt".  Now those are not words that I having taken back at as feminine empowered words.  And I know this brings up the what is feminism discussion, as has been discussed over at Five Seed.  Which brings me to my self-image.

In the past I have had problem with my self-image.  But through a lot of hard work, emotional and spiritual, I've much improved how I see myself.  Surprisingly, I see myself much different than I appear in pictures, even resent pictures.  I've somehow learned to look beyond the outside package of my physical body.  When I look at myself, I see so much more than what's physically on the outside I know see what's on the inside too.  Ok, that's gone off on a tangent that I wasn't planning to so I'll stop here for today.

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