Jan 25, 2012


One of my favorite things about yoga is that you don't have to Gumby to enjoy it.  As a non-normally-abled person the initial though of yoga scared the bejesus out of me; I'm pretty sure the first time someone suggested to me I looked at them like they had three heads.  But after taking several classes and talking with several instructors about how to adapt yoga to my abilities I've really grown to love it.

Sadly as my battle with fatigue has been worse this year and consequently I've fallen out of my yoga practice, which included two- and three-minute mini-office-yoga breaks, a short morning vinyasa for stretching and the occasional course of Sun Salutations.  So as I had my annual check up with my primary care doctor she reminded me of how great yoga is and got me thinking about ways to try and work it back into my daily life.

In an attempt to gently ease back into my practice I've decided to share with you my current morning vinyasa:

Warm Up:
Cow and Cat Poses

Child's Pose

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