Jul 31, 2009

August Challenges for 52 Weeks

I have a couple of “on going” goals that I really want to work on this month.
  • Declutter apartment room by room
  • Use up pre-packaged items in apartment (to be replace with sustainable/homemade alternatives)

Some of my other goals are directly tied into the first goal
  • Give away TV (waiting for my sister to pick up)
  • Take unused items to the Salvation Army (it just happens to be closer to my apartment than Goodwill)
  • Use Freecycle and Craig's List to help declutter apartment
  • Give away/Sale oversized desk in living room (that's after I clean off it's contents and actually find the desk again)

The new changes that I’m pulling from the queue are
  • Give up using handicap parking spaces (except at work where I might not get a space at all otherwise)
  • Walk or bike to cafe to use WiFi

And I did go ahead and get the Craig’s List bike yesterday, so I’m going to count that as one of my challenges for August to jump start me, but everything else is an in progress or new challenge. It's not a fantastic bike, but it will definitely serve the purpose of getting me out and exercising while I try to patiently wait for a call about the job overseas.

And in preparation for the Buy Nothing Challenge I returned the rolling book back I bought last summer from LLBean and took advantage of their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and was able to get the duffel I'll need to pack in when I go overseas, a lunch box and a stainless steal water bottle and cozy. After the monogramming on the duffel, I only owed $15. Pretty good considering I would have just given away the back pack and had to pay upfront for everything if I did use the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that I had forgotten about. Much better deal for my wallet this way. ^_^

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