Jul 8, 2009


Inspired by how good I started feeling after starting AK I decided to see what other ways I could make me feel better by removing unnecessary chemical from my body and from contact with my body. This included evaluating (with my doctor's help) what medications I was on and what medications where really helping. From there I went to menstruation, hey as a woman it was bound to come up so why no start there. After a reading a friend's LiveJounral entry about the DivaCup I ordered my own. In my DivaCup search I was introduced to a great Canadian company called LunaPads (which just happens to be woman-owned and operated). After doing more research on LunaPads and their company, I completely fell in love with the company and had to place an order for LunaPads before my DivaCup even arrived. Now while I'm still not convinced about the DivaCup, it may just not be for me, I loooooooooooove LunaPads.

But reusable pads are not the only thing LunaPads sell. They package their kits in the bonus mesh bag, MoonPad bags to hold LunaPads in your purse, LunaBalm and LunaBlend for cramp relief, and Lunatic chocolate bars. They also sell other eco-friendly items like the organic cotton hankies and pStyles. The hankies are great; until I got sick last week I never realized just how gross klenex left my skin feeling (the hankies got left at work and I was left with an old box). I've yet to master the pStyle, but I did give it a try when I went camping over Midsummer.

The LunaGals (what the lovely ladies at LunaPads call themselves) had a post about their new product what they where calling family wipes. At first I was like no way, there is just no way are you gonna convince me to give up my toilet paper. But non-the-less I was intrigued and followed their link to Crunchy Chicken's blog and read on, and on and on. Not too long after, I was looking under the sink in the bathroom and found I had three rolls of toilet paper left and decided to make my own wipes since the previously mentioned lack of job security after July (still waiting on offers to start coming in).

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