Jul 16, 2009

An Interview, HR, and Buy Nothing Challenge

Well I've had my first interview since finding out I was getting sack at the end of the month. The interview was last Friday and I felt like it went really well, but I haven't heard anything back yet and it's been six days.

The HR department is finally starting to look for positions for me internal to the company. Yep, they've known since the first week of June and it's now the second week of July. Real encouraging folks. After meeting with HR yesterday the plan is to find me an internal job using my connections from my first job with the company, help desk, as many of my help desk co-workers have moved on to different technical jobs and I'm desperate to get back into the technical work (though graphic design, when I go a chance to really sit and do it, was way more technical than anything else I have done over the last two years). If they are unsuccessful in finding a position by the 31st I will be officially laid off with a severance package while they continue to look for a position for me.

So really August is the perfect time for Crunchy Chicken's
Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009
I can continue to declutter my apartment and will have to officially break my fast food breakfast addiction (which I've been really good about this week, but that's probably because my bridge fell out Saturday and I ended up having a root canal on Monday). I'll have pictures soon to show my progress of decluttering my desk and hutch in my bedroom. The hutch is officially empty now, and the only things that don't currently have a "home" are three things that need to be framed. Not bad. Now just to get my dad to come by and get it and the chest of draws that I managed to empty.

I'm off to the 'Noke this weekend to see my best friend, Laura, and destress. I was supposed to go down over the Fourth but was sick and in bed the first two days with the exception of getting up to get pizza (which was delivered, bad me on so many levels) and then I managed to make it from my bed to the couch on that Sunday. I come bearing gift on this trip: Christmas/Yule in July little presents and kitchenwares for Laura and Sarah's house. Oo, I've got to pack the car and my overnight bag tonight since I'm leaving after work tomorrow (goes and writes self a note).

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