Jul 17, 2009

Pictures of progress

As promised I have some progress pictures of my decluttering efforts of my desk. First up is what the desk looked like about halfway through the first day of cleaning. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy, my only camera is on my iPhone and I'm a bit shaky too.

Next up is the progress of a hard days work. Still not where i want it, but a heck of a lot better if I do say so myself. And Mr. Bubbles agrees since he doesn't have to lay on top of all the junk that used to be there.

I have since continued to work on the desk and have managed to completely clean off the hutch, go through all the draws and only keep what is necessary, and even got my laptop set up on the desk. But sadly I don't have any pictures at this time. So, instead I will leave you with an introduction to the cats:Starting at the top: Ms. Juliet in all her black hotness, moving on to Mr. Bubbles who you meet earlier, and finally Mr. Oscar the grumpy old man who's been with me for over three years. All three are shelter rescues, with Oscar being the oldest and Bubbles and Juliet are about the same age, though I acquired them from two different shelters about six months apart.

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