Jul 8, 2009

the Beginnings

Why hello there Blogsphere. You may, or may not, be wondering why I chose to begin a blog since it seems everyone and their grandma has one. Well, I'll tell you. An adventure is afoot.

At the beginning of June I found out that my job was being eliminated and I have until the end of July to find a new job (less than four weeks left). With the economy in the crapper there could not be worse time to hear this news. I've been searching for a job since Christmas due to some workplace difficulties (read: my mother invaded my work life by joining my team last year and started harassing me at work). I was more than a little disheartened by the news, but quickly saw it as an opportunity to make my work life a better situations and a chance to get back to my real passion and work with computers.

Well, at the end of the second week after receiving the bad news I received a call from a former co-worker urging me to consider working overseas. She spent a year in Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan working as a contractor at a US military base as a network administrator. At first I completely dismissed the idea as crazy. But after some heavy internal debating I decided to take the plunge and just apply, hey what could it hurt right? I've done tech support, my concentration in undergrad was technology and I'm one paper away from having a Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS). My only downfall is certifications; the only one I have is CHDP (that's Certified Help Desk Professional). I'll have to check and see what I need to finish my CCP (that's Certified Computer Professional) after my master's completed.

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