Aug 1, 2009

Day 1 of Challenges

Well I survived day one.

Did pretty good on my 52 Weeks challenge. Today I had to go take a one hour class about my Directed Research Project (ugh. 80 page min.) and run a few other errands. I did really good and didn't park in the handicap spaces once, even when one was more readily available than a general parking space at one stop. Also made a huge dent in the clutter on my main computing stations out in the living room. Had a few pick ups scheduled through Freecycle. While none of them went without a hitch, and I had several no shows I gave it a good try and will try again and be more specific with the people who are picking up to hopefully avoid any more no shows. I even listed a bunch more things this evening. So I haven't given up hope for Freecycle.

I didn't do as well on the Buy Nothing Challenge as I had to buy lunch before my class, poor planning on my part. But I'll be more prepared next time. My only other purchase today was some B-2 for my migraines (per my nuero) and gas for my hungry car and both are within the rules.

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