Aug 31, 2009

September Challenges

Alright, it’s time for September’s challenges for my 52 Weeks Challenge. Some of my challenges from last month will be carried over, but I will be adding four new ones to balance it all out. First up the carried over challenges:
→Declutter apartment room by room
→Give away TV
→Give away/sale oversized desk in living room
→Use up pre-packaged items in apartment
These are now my “on-going” challenges. Declutter the apartment speaks for itself. Remember the motto is “less is more” and I’m gonna learn this lesson if it kills me. The only thing that I’ve gotten rid of and actually gone looking for are my herbal heat wraps. In truth they are too heavy when I’m in pain, so I’m looking into finding some hot water bottles via Freecycle to help with my cramps and when I’m cold. The TV is still earmarked for my sister to come get, though I may put it up on Craig’s List if she doesn’t get it in the next two weeks. I can use my desktop as my movie playing station. The desk will go up on Craig’s List once I finish cleaning it off. And finally pre-packaged items are slowly disappearing, the end of the dish washing soap is in sight, I just keep using the dish washer less and less.

EDIT: Just as I was typing this all up my sister called me out of the blue and wanted to pick up the TV. She just happened to be in the area (which never happens) and I drove home for my lunch break and let her and her boyfriend, with five kids in toe, pick it up. Yeah! Another one down. Although I had to explain to her way I had no toilet paper as the kids where asking for it and she wanted some too. She thought it was weird, but shrugged it off as me just being her weird little sister.

Now for the new challenges. Challenge #1 this month is to turn down the AC and keep it down. I’ve been getting better about this one, but when it’s 90+ degrees in my apartment I cave after 1 day. So hopefully the cool weather is moving in, and I can keep the AC down all weekend (which is really the only time it gets turned up, unless I forget to turn it back down).

Challenge #2 this month is to get my body moving. I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately and haven’t been doing much of anything. For this I’m going to start doing the Five Tibetan Rites every morning. It will only take me a few minutes to do, and it will give me a (hopefully) burst of energy in the mornings.

Challenge #3 is DivaCup mastery, or at the very least an attempt. This will be a two-month challenge where I will use my DivaCup for at least 48-hours of my cycle.

Challenge #4 shutting down the desktop and laptop when not in use and unplugging any electric appliances not on switches or power strips when not in use.

I think these are good challenges for September. And hey, it’s already off to a good start with my sister picking up the TV right?

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