Aug 18, 2009

I'm Back

I’m alive and survived my marathon road trip! I’ll try and recap as quick and short as possible.

Finished up work and picked up Five Guys for dinner
At apartment I packed, had my dinner and took care of the cats
Left apartment and headed for Richmond to pickup my crutches
Mini-adventure in Richmond to find out who had my crutches
Located and retrieved crutches
Received at least four calls from my sister
Passed through Greensboro, NC sometime around midnight/1 am

Passed through Greenville, SC
Had to stop for dramamine…apparently I get car sick driving long distances
Received call from my sister demanding I take a nap before driving through Atlanta
Stopped about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta at an Exxon and Huddle House to nap
Woke up 2 hrs. later
Missed Bypass so drove through Atlanta at 9 am
Finally made it out of Georgia and into Alabama
Stopped in Auburn to pick up a present for my sister
Eventually made it my grandmother’s around 2 pm EST
Of course, MaMa isn’t home when I arrive
My cousin Tori let me in and we waited for MaMa to return home
Surprised MaMa, Pops and Aunt Vickie

Sleep in
Lunch with MaMa, Aunt Vickie and Tori at O’Charlie’s
Hung out and spent time with everyone

MaMa made me breakfast and we got to talk to just the two of us
Sadly headed back home
Made it through Alabama and into Georgia with no major problems
Made the Bypass for Atlanta around 5 pm
South Carolina was a blur
Made it into “Construction Zone North Carolina” around 9
Made it into Virginia around midnight

Finally made it home around 2 am

I would have slept all day yesterday if I didn’t have two doctor’s appointments. So five hours after dragging my butt to bed I had to drag it out again and go to the Neurologist and the Dentist. Needless to say I was still dragging and took the rest of the day off to sleep on the couch with the cats lying on top of me.

On the trip down the only thing I bought (besides gas) was dramamine somewhere north of Greenville, SC, and a razor, bandana, and the present for my sister in Auburn, AL. I had packed enough snacks and drinks so I was ok food wise.

On the trip back, I had to stop for energy drinks and snacks, and some more dramamine and Advil.

Overall not bad, other than being completely exhausted.

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