Aug 3, 2009

I Survived Day Two

Well, I survived day two of my challenges. The Freecyling went much better. After getting swamped by responses for my stuff, everything but one item was claimed before I went to bed Saturday night. Everyone picked up this stuff with the exception of one person, who had car trouble and is coming by tonight. Yeah for no no-shows! The amount of responses I received this time helped me realize that I need to be a little more organized in keeping track of who got what (since I can’t seem to only offer one thing at a time).

I also made another Salvation Army run. It’s so interesting to debate with myself over whether or not I need an item. For example, I picked up some discount floral arrangements a while back (cause my cats like to eat real flowers). I think they are very pretty and add a great touch of color to the apartment. However, the cats like to knock them over, and once my sister takes the TV I won’t have a “safe” place to put them on. And if I go overseas, I’d much rather someone else enjoy the flowers than have them sit in storage for a year. So in the end they went to the Salvation Army to brighten up someone else’s life.

The progress on my desk is amazing. I was able to really pair down junk that was taking up so much space. All the storage containers got a good going through and I managed to fit all my supplies into a little three drawer containers (compared to the little three drawer container, the tall five drawer containers, two large drawer containers, plus everything else spread around my desk). There are still several things that I need to reduce, like the old CD’s sitting on my desk but I need to add the music to my computer first. I also have several old back ups that I’ve been hanging onto. I’m hoping that I can get those cleaned up as well in the coming weeks and create a new “master” back up since I’ve been going through all my music and files.

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