Aug 12, 2009

Road Trip: Fast and Furious Style

Well, after conferring with my sister, I've mapped out my Fast and Furious Road Trip back home to see my grandparents. After conferring with several maps, I picked my stops along the 16 hour route. And five pages of directions later I hopefully won't get lost seeing as I've never actually driven from Virginia to Florida (ever...only been a passenger). South Carolina is the farthest that I've ever driven, but I know my limitations.
  • I've got stops planned at least every three hours.
  • Starting tonight my water consumption stops except for medication (other wise I will have to stop every hour to pee, and that's not an over exaggeration).
  • I've got cheese snacks and cereal to fill my lunch box with and will stock up on RockStar energy drinks tonight.
  • I've got my iPhone chalk full of audio books and my iPod filled with my entire library of music.
  • Washed my hair this morning so I can snag every possible minute of extra sleep in the morning and not have to worry about it all weekend.
  • I'll be throwing a change of outfits and my iPhone charge in my book bag and some blankets and a pillow in my car.
  • Just grab my toothbrush and toothpaste and I'm good to go (a hairbrush and endless supply of rubber bands live in my car).
Now I just have to make it the last hour of work today and then work all day tomorrow.

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