Aug 5, 2009

I was ready to give up my Buy Nothing Challenge...

...and go pay for a drop-in yoga class, but it seems I thwarted myself. I hopped in the car and started driving to the yoga studio that Fatty and I found on our walk around Occoquan a few weekends ago. I was half way there before I realized I didn't have my wallet! I had moved my wallet to my book bag and failed to remember this, thus not grabbing the book bag as I headed out the door completely prepaired to give myself a pass for spending on a yoga class.

So while I was completely ready to give up my challenge on day four, a simple change in my routine prevented me. Instead of doing yoga I went and did some window shopping and price comparisons. And you know what, leaving the stores empty handed felt pretty good ('cause I know if I had my wallet I would have found something that I would have wanted to buy and then I would have had to drag it out to the car and then eventually into the apartment).

Even though I came really close to failing at my challenge four days in, I found other way to entertain myself and not spend any money too. It's pretty easy to say no to buying things when you don't have your wallet, so I could look at everything and not have to drag it all around.

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