Aug 9, 2009

Day 9: finished laundry detergent

I finished up my chemical filled laundry detergent and replaced it with Ecoever Delicate Wash. That was my most expensive spend today at the grocery store, quickly followed by some sore throat tea (which I found out has black pepper in it >.< after I got home), the rest was a $0.90 sample of lavendar loose leaf tea, a peach, a necturine, two bananas, and a potato. The lavendar tea is lovely and the potato made a tasty dinner.

I completed three more boxes worth of decluttering today. I know I still have a lot to due, but it's getting harder since I've done the big obvious clutters. Hopefully getting the big furniture that's leaving out will help me find the smaller clutters.

I've got a lot of crafting planned for this week. Produce bags are number one followed by another attempt at a beret. I ripped out the oversized beret today so I can use the same yarn again.

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