Aug 8, 2009

Day 8: I will not fizzle out

The decluttering has slowed down, but I'm not detured. I've made great progress, hopefully it will keep going in the right direction.

However, I'm makng great stides in using up my prepackaged items. The dish detergent and laundry detergent are getting low (finally). The end of my face soap is slowly gettng closer, and I can't wait to use honey as my full time face wash.

Today I made it to my two oldest nephews basketball game. The oldest is really into it and even made a basket! The other one is most likely still a little too young as he looks bored on the court. My sister is also signing the oldest three up for football this fall. The third is too young to play so he'll be in the flag football team. He's mad that he's too little to play "real" football.

My sister hasn't made it up to get my TV yet and my dad still has to get the hutch and chest of drawers. Of course this weekend is probably a bust since it's half over already and next weekend too as I have to drive down to Florida and convince my grandma (MaMa) that I have not gone crazy. It will be an experience as I've never actually driven from Virgnia to Florida. MaMa didn't sound convienced on the phone so I've decided to drive down and let her see me in person. Up this week is more bike riding. Hopefully I can start to stretch my endurance a little at a time and make it that much further on my bike. I will make it to the train station to use the wifi by the end if the month (even if I have to walk the bike up the huge hills).

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