Aug 4, 2009

Day 3 and Going Strong

The last of my Freecycle claims where successfully picked up last night! I'll wait until next week to relist my rolling duffel that everyone seemed to forget (all my other items had multiple replies) and maybe I'll find a few more things to list along the way.

I feel really good about the decluttering process in my bedroom and the living room/kitchen. They aren't 100% decluttered, but a huge dent has been made in the clutter. My next two big decluttering challenges are my filing cabinet and my craft room.

I'm definitely using my handicap parking less, and finding it way less stressful. Now I just pick an aisle and drive down until I see an open parking space. Depending on what time I make it to work I can either find an open parking space or I'm stuck using the handicap parking space unless I want to park outside the compound. I'm talking about a 30 minute time difference, not a two hour time difference.

My dad's supposed to come up this weekend and get the hutch and chest of drawers that I managed to empty. Once he does that I can move my desktop computer from the living room to my bedroom and finish cleaning off the desk out there. And then I can sale that desk. The cats will be very sad as it's become their new lounging place (well it was always Bubbles' lounging place even when it was covered with crap).

As for as my Buy Nothing Challenge goes, I'm doing pretty good after the initial laps. The only thing bought yesterday was some much needed groceries, and I only spent $16. The loot wasn't huge: milk, two boxes of fiber filled cereal, low acid orange juice, sugared ginger from the bulk bins, a gluten free (as far as I could tell) granola from the bulk bins, and a peach and nectarine (my only impulse buy and my fruit salad lunch today). I restrained from buying tea (a weakness of mine) and borax and washing soda (I want to make my own laundry and dish detergent....but I gotta use up what I got first).

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